An Award Winning DIY Telescope System:

This project is a DIY kit for a 3D-printed astronomical telescope. With prints, some special screws and a $20 mirror, you can make your own telescope capable of planetary observation. Explore the detailed surface of the moon, witness the splendor of Saturn and its rings, see swirling storms over Jupiter.
The "Hadley" is a compact, high performance reflector telescope. Its toy-like aesthetic belies its capabilities - this is a serious instrument for hobbyists at any level, but far better than anything you'd see in a store. Most "beginner-targeted" hobby scopes are actually quite bad.
The full build consists of three elements: Prints, optics, and hardware. The optics are commercial/standard, easily found on Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress. The hardware can be found at any local hardware store or McMaster-Carr. Once you have the components, the scope is IKEA easy to assemble - it simply screws/glues together.
Design CC-BY-NC-SA; 2022 - Hadley by Kissner Optik

What can I see with Hadley


The moon is always great to look at, at any power and from anywhere. With the right eyepieces and practice, you can see planets from anywhere - regardless of light pollution (and as long as they're up this season). Fall/Winter is currently a rich planet season for Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.
There is much more to see than just planets - hundreds of faint objects dot the sky, invisible to the naked eye but reachable with a telescope. In bright suburban skies, a few bright nebulae and galaxies are within reach - and the darker your skies are, the more you can hope to find.




Files/Project Info At PRINTABLES

I sell kits for streamlining the build process. See the full bill of materials (BOM) on the links below. What is a "vitamin?" Nutritionally, it's something your body needs but can't assemble for itself. The same applies to printers -- we can print many things, but some elements (metal fititngs, optics) must be purchased. Comment: For now, kits are all using imperial fittings.
$100 USD: VITAMIN KIT (in stock) This kit contains all the ideal nuts, screws and springs needed - as well as the optics (primary/secondary mirror) and a single eyepiece - shipped across the US in a flat rate box. Premium fittings include die springs and a wide variety of screws, each the best type for its job. Everything you need except the prints, rods, glue and base.
$50 USD: VITAMIN KIT (No optics) This kit contains all the ideal nuts, screws and springs needed. These are not subject to longer backorders that kits containing optics are, but I still need time to make them. Premium fittings include die springs and a wide variety of screws, each the best type for its job. Still no rods, these are pricey to ship.
$100 USD: PRINTS KIT This kit is almost the opposite of the above kit. It contains solely the prints, finished and interior blackened, in a color of your choice. Optionally, this can include a mirror set glued down and ready. (+$30USD).
$300 USD: FULL TELESCOPE KIT This kit includes a full telescope, a print/wooden mount/stand, and two eyepieces: High and low power. Interior blackened, color of your choice. Shipping TBD. I can do a wooden stand instead, but this adds time/cost.



NOTE ON BACKORDERS: Optics are in stock, I try to get a batch of kits out every week -- barring the occasional supply chain hiccup. This is still a garage business - I'll send the kit priority mail once payment is recieved and I have an address.
NOTE: I am traveling and will probably not answer until Jul 10th. (Otherwise, I am transitioning from grad school to full time teaching - but I have no plans to stop doing this)



I've designed many "mostly-printed" telescopes, but these aren't built around a common set of optics the way Hadley is. Example: A 114mm f/4, coma-corrected photo-visual telescope, which I can do for $600. This is a very portable instrument, similar to Hadley but with a 2-inch focuser and capable of observing rich wide fields. Other telescopes are available for sale or commission, optics supply pending. Get in touch for more details.
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